Hiriko a 2013 concept car among electric vehicles

Hiriko-concept-car-electric-vehiclesAs a good collaboration between MIT, Basque business and the Spanish government, an electric vehicle called Hiriko takes shape, showing us an interesting urban concept vehicle.

Rather than a regular configuration, a little bit bubble-esque this electric vehicle has a few tricks up its wheels. When you are ready to park this electric vehicle, the back section slides forward, “folding” the cabin up vertically. Other feature includes a single front – opening door and joystick controls.

No other details on range, miles per hour and charge speed but more interesting 20 test electric vehicles were built at a reported cost of $16,253 each.

There is no hint about production costs, but will be produced next year. Very suitable for the city Hiriko’s meaning name is “of the city” and could be a feature in your city too.



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