Honda aims to improve its diesel engine technology in the next future

honda-diesel-engine-technologyHonda is shooting to have a “top of industry fuel efficiency in every vehicle class within three years” setting a timeline of 2020 to reduce by 30% CO2 emissions for all products sold worldwide.

Through its “Earth Dreams Technology” which includes building better, cleaner diesel engines, Honda aims to improve efficiency of internal combustion components such as engine, transmission, as well as electric powered motor technology.

  Honda automaker has invested in diesel technology mostly used it overseas. There is a renewed commitment to the technology now that the overall target has been set, but still not in the U.S.

Mr. Junji Yamano an engineer from Honda engineer told that Honda is directly targeting European automakers like VW. He said that, “It is good if they have some sleepless nights because we have had sleepless nights” developing the diesel engine.

The details of Honda’s new mill are that it is a 1.6-liter (down from 2.2 liters) engine that is 50 kilograms lighter, has less friction and improved thermal management with CO2 emissions that are 15 percent lower than before, under 100 grams per kilometer. AN says the turbodiesel power plant offers 120 horsepower and 300 newton meters of torque. For now, this engine is destined for the Civic in Europe in 2013.



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