Honda Canopy the three wheeler electric vehicle concept

honda-canopy-electric-vehicleHonda added electric propulsion to one of its most successful commuter vehicles.

Called Honda Canopy, the Japan only three wheeler scooter delivers 100mpg and is very useful in congested urban environment as an electric vehicle.

Honda Canopy could be most common road vehicle in Tokyo and with its capacious cargo space for an electric vehicle is very suitable for small third countries.

The two rear wheels of the Canopy offer additional stability at low speeds, and Honda’s E-CANOPY will also use a CVT transmission.

In Japan, the fully-enclosed gas-powered scooter sells for less than US$3500, and can be purchased naked or fully enclosed and is designed like a cab-chassis utility, to be fitted with an aftermarket rear section suitable for your line of business.

 It’s only a “concept” at this stage, and will be seen at the Tokyo Motor Show in three weeks time, but I’ll be the family jewels it’ll see production!



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  1. the king of swords

    This Is great idea three wheeler electric vehicle Honda brand doing a great job and I am very glad to see the post here.

  2. Thank you for your encouraging words! I took a long vacation because the lack of inspiration. From now on I will reconsider it, and I will try to move on!

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