Hydrogen Will Be an Auto Fuel- According an EU Report

Hydrogen As a Future Auto FuelHydrogenics Corp. as a part of a consortium of thirty organizations along with other global automobile companies, an NGO, major oil and gas and two government organizations released a study in Brussels in November.

 The main conclusion of the study was that a combination of engines – battery, fuel cell and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles – is necessary with hydrogen fuel as critical contributor.

 The developer and manufacturer of hydrogen generation and fuel cell products announced that the company is a contributor and supporter of a new study on transportation in Europe. A portfolio of power-trains for Europe: a fact-based analysis compares the economics, sustainability and performance of four different types of vehicles in helping achieve the overall 80% decarbonization goal by 2050.

 “If there has ever been any doubt about the future role of hydrogen in our energy systems this report makes it clear that across any planning scenario for decarbonization, hydrogen technology is an essential part of the mix,” says Hydrogenics President and CEO Daryl Wilson. “The report supports electrolysis as a clean, practical, and cost effective pathway for hydrogen refueling.”

 In the last twelve months, the company has provided quotations for more than 25 hydrogen fueling stations. This is a significant increase in market interest when one considers that there are only 200 stations globally today which have been installed in the last ten years. Hydrogenics says it is selling hydrogen fueling stations throughout the world in conjunction with major gas companies and local system integrators.

The link between renewable energy and electrolysis, as a means to generate hydrogen for transportation has caught the interest of major electric utilities in Europe. Electrolysis allows smart grid stabilization and offers energy storage capacity well beyond alternative solutions. Growth in automotive fuel cell applications will drive further cost reduction and lift the supply chain for non-automotive applications. In the emerging world of our energy future this report points to a critical role for hydrogen.



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