Hyundai Blue 2 a concept car powered by hydrogen fuel cell

hyundai-blue2-hydrogen-fuel-cell-conceptKorean automaker Hyundai unveiled at the Seoul Auto Show a concept car called the Blue2 powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology.

The Blue2 — combining the automaker’s eco-brand “Blue Drive” with “H2,” or hydrogen fuel cell technology — is intended to serve as a creative bulwark against alternative fuel assaults from Japanese rivals Honda and Toyota.

The 121-horsepower vehicle is equipped with an electric capacity to the tune of 90 kilowatts — 1.65 kilowatts per liter, specifically — and fuel economy of about 82 miles per gallon.

On the outside, you’ll find low-resistance tires and alloy wheels designed to reduce weight and drag a self-opening doors, wider-than-usual seats, an ionizing air circulation system, cameras instead of rear view mirrors and an LED display dubbed “Transparent Organic”.

The company has previously indicated it would not dive headlong into the race to manufacture hybrid vehicle or all-electric vehicles, instead choosing to refine its gasoline-powered technology. Still, the company displayed a hybrid Sonata model at the 2010 New York Auto Show.



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