IKEA Goes on Renewable Energy

ikea-solar-panels-renewable-energyIkea Group intends to become much greener until 2015. Their goal is to have 80% of the electricity in every store generated by renewable energy.

To achieve this goal IKEA will hardly invest in solar and wind power. The advantage of their huge stores with flat roofs seems to be perfect for solar panels installation. The IKEA stores from UK allow installing almost 39,000 solar panels with a cost of $6.5 million while they spend $1.7 billion every year buying the energy needs.

To use wind power they are going to buy wind farms in order to ensure future energy demands at minimal costs.

A good point is the company’s latest acquisition a wind farm in Huntly, Scotland and produces 12.3MW. The total wind power produced by IKEA’s 67 wind turbines is up to 127MW. They already own wind turbines in France, Germany and Denmark.

The cost of energy will always increase in the future so, Ikea intend to keep the energy costs down using renewable energy. The claim of using 80% renewable energy for their stores by 2015 seems to be optimistic.

Their next goal is to go green 100 percent. Would you believe that?



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