Indian scientist makes his car fuel efficiency using hydrogen from water

hydrogen-fuel-efficiencyAn Indian scientist, the Director of Center for Development of Physics Education from Rajasthan University, Prof Y.K. Vijay has recently developed an affordable technique to boost the fuel efficiency of usual cars.

He does this experiment on his Nissan Sunny 1988 model.

He tries to increase the ordinary fuel efficiency by supplying it with hydrogen fuel. In this experiment the hydrogen fuel is generated by water electrolysis due to an electric current which has been passed through the water. As electrolyte it used common salt.

Professor Vijay uses Catalytic Fuel Production Kit in his car for the last one and half year which in turn justifies the procedure that he has invented on his own. This experiment got an enhancement in the fuel economy from 10 to 15 percent and works with petrol and LPG while the use of diesel as a fuel like showcased in the entire process is under development.

The overall expenditure for those who have future plan to get this equipment is estimated at $10,000.  We are waiting for next steps.



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  1. I hope this works out OK for the professor. The post below discusses the problems of producing inherently explosive mixtures of hydrogen and oxygen in such “water-gas” generators. You need to produce the hydrogen and oxygen separately in a proper electrolyzer!


  2. I was only excited to share the idea simplicity and the possibility to come true with low costs.

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