Invention That Turns Plastic Waste into Alternative Fuel

Invention-Plastic-Waste-Alternative-FuelIndiscriminate use of plastic bags and plastic materials in carrying and packing our daily necessities has led to enormous accumulation of plastic waste, littering everywhere around us.


A Japanese scientist has come up with a unique way of reusing the plastic waste that has posed serious threats to the environment. His newly invented machine, called Carbon-Negative System can convert plastic waste: bags, coke bottles and caps into alternative fuel sufficient to heat up your home.

 Now, you can easily convert your plastic waste into alternative fuel through this newly invented machine. Plastic waste is made from petroleum, and this machine converts it into crude variety by heating the plastic waste loaded into it. Moreover, it favors trapping of the released toxic vapors in the in built water chambers and pipes provided in the machine and turned into alternative fuel.

 The conversion mechanism of this device produces one quart of oil as alternative fuel from two pounds of plastic waste using a minimal amount of one kilowatt hour energy. The produced amount of crude oil can either be fed into the power generators or transformed into gasoline as other alternative fuel; though the second refining process will require another machine.

 Presently, Carbon-Negative System is sold at a high price of about $10,000 dollars by Blest Corporation Limited that may cause deterrence to the domestic customers, but one can look forward towards the price reduction through its large scale use.



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