Kinetic LED chandellier more than energy efficient

kinetic-LED-chandellier-energy-efficientThrough a Treehugger’s article on kinetic LED chandelliers we found something interesting about the subject.

A British interdisciplinary studio called Troika offers „a tantalizing glimpse” of what energy efficient lighting could bring, whirling geometric light forms.

„Thixotrope” the kinetic LED chandellier is made by eigh mechanical and illuminated structures of tensed steel banding outfitted with rows of LED lights. It is temporary installed in the London’s Selfridges departament store.

Designers described it being a: „continuously revolve around their own axis thereby materializing the path of the light and dissolving the spinning structures into compositions of aerial cones, spheres and ribbons of warm and cold light while giving life and shape to an immaterial construct.”

To use LED lighting is more than vital in creating space, is energy efficient.


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