LED Lighting Cloud WI-FI System Smartphone Controlled

LED-Lighting-Cloud-Wi-Fi-System-Smartphone-ControlledJapanese manufacturer Net LED Technology Corporation has released the first cloud-based Wi-Fi lighting system.

The 40W light allows users to dim lights and wattage from a computer, smart phone (iPhone, app) or RFID device.

The costs of the lighting setup runs 60,000 yen ($781) for the primary server, which supports up to 100 lights, 19,800 yen ($257) for the main tube; and 14,000 yen ($182) for secondary lights.

According to Net LED, the installation of 200 lights will save the average company over 200,000 yen ($2,500) annually, which reflects a decrease in power consumption over standard non dimming LEDs by half.

A smart phone that can control your light source would be very nice but seems to be very expensive too.



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