Luxury Cell Phone: Result of Collaboration between Mobiado and Aston Martin

Mobiado-CPT002-Cell-Phone-Aston-MartThe Canadian luxury mobile phone maker Mobiado has unveiled the upshot of collaboration with Aston Martin, the CPT002 concept cell phone. Launching at the BaselWorld, the CPT002 will be more than just a cell phone, it will also help you control your Aston Martin vehicle remotely.

The Mobiado CPT002 has a solid sapphire crystal, see-through capacitive touch screen with platinum crafted sides which incorporates the battery, electronics and SIM card allowing for the display to be transparent.

The Mobiado cell phone functions as a key to the user’s Aston Martin vehicle, automatically unlocking the doors as the driver approaches. The cell phone also connects directly to the Aston Martin’s display while still remaining in the user’s pocket.

Delivering an immersive social network experience, the GPS capability of the handset works with its software to offer varied services. The FourSquare app wheedles with the GPS system to not only locate users’ cars but also their friends via an integrated map. Besides, customers can update their Facebook and Twitter statuses through cameras outfitted in the vehicle while apps like Airbag are of great use during emergency situations like an accident.



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