Michigan Airports are Growing Crops on Their Own Lands to Produce Biofuel

Michigan-Airports-BiofuelAirports today need much more space than ussually, for planes to live and land, for parking and other.

Planes remove a lot of gas that pollute the atmosphere and apears the idea to grow crops on airport property in order to green power them.

 According to Biodiesel Magazine, Detroit Metro and Willow Run are airports wich use more than 1 million gallons of fuel per day. Wayne County, the owner of the airports is working with Michigan State University on a green project to increase the airport fuel through biofuel production.

 These two airports have 7 square kilometres suitable for planting. The project will run through February 2012 and will be funded with $476,000 state grant. More crops could also help carbon emission from air travel although the biofuel production can have a negative energy balance.

 The AgriEnergy Technology Demonstration project will be done on only 3 acres at Detroit Metro, and is expected to yield 300 gallons of biofuel this summer, The News-Herald reports. The Detroit project is part of an Aerotropolis concept at Metro, to attract business to areas around airports. A long-term vision for Metro is to build a processing plant on or near the airport, piping home-made jet fuel to planes.



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