Mitsubishi developed a spray on solar cells technology

Mitsubishi-solar-cells-solar-powerAfter the devastating earthquake followed by a tsunami this year, Japan surpassed itself through a green revolution made by researchers with help of government. They looked for sources of energy to compensate the drops down of power grid.

A spray on solar power technology was developed by Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. Through the solar cells applyed to buildings, vehicles or clothing, just like a painting the solar power is transformed into electricity. This way the solar cells are very thin (less 1 mm) and with a weight less than one tenth of usual solar panel of the same size.

The solar cells are compound by carbon as semiconductors and when are dried and solidified are generating electricity when are exposed to the light. We can conclude that a new era of solar power starts because they are a biggest potential to save space in comparison with conventional solar panels.

Mitsubishi’s prototype spray on solar cells give a conversion rate of 10.1 percent compared with traditional crystaline silicon solar cells which offer up to 20 per cent. Until the 2015 Mitsubishi intend to improve the efficiency to 15 per cent.

Mitsubishi announced the plan to apply its technology on cars by coating them with solar cells. According to the company a car will get enough power after two hours of exposure to the sun to travel six miles on electric.



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