Mobile Phones a Possible Cause of the Decline in Bee Numbers

mobile-phones-bee-impactAs a warning, a recent scientific study written by Lausanne researcher and bee specialist Daniel Favre underlined that bees are disturbed in the proximity of mobile phones and why bee population is in globally decline.

The experiment done at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology show us that bee communicates through sounds and makes noise when mobile phones were placed in their hive. When mobile phones were engaged they made noises of a distressed colony. After twelve hour they still have worried and have the footprint of disturbance. Their involvement sustained the theory that exposure to the electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones causes break up in bee colonies or die. In order to aware them Daniel Favre has also published the instruction for other beekeepers who want to reproduce the experiment.

Most of beekeepers tend to not leave their mobile phones when near beehives as a ordinary behaviour. Probably the bees are also affected by mobile phones or cell towers at greater distances because the signals become them lost and disoriented. Is difficult to draw a conclusion but the impact has already been felt over the world. In US and UK the bee populations has decreased by almost half in the last 30 years. This could coincide with the development of mobile phones as personal device.

Bees are importantly and necessary piece in the agricultural and ecological system, not only for producing honey but most important for pollinating our crops. The decline of bees will certainly have an impact on the environment.


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