Monocasco developed as electric vehicle city bike concept

monocasco_electric-vehicle-city_concept_bikeIn the world of Spanish motorcycling, the 250 stroke Ossa Monocasco motorbike used by iconic racer Santi Herrero is a legendary vehicle in its own right.

After the racing icon crashed his Monocasco in 1970 Grand Prix and died, Ossa reportedly stopped manufacturing motorbikes altogether. Inspired by Santiago Herrero’s original bike, the electric Monocasco Concept Bike pays a tribute to the Spanish bike legend though the designers from the ART-TIC Team intend it to serve as a city bike.

Nowhere near has a racer, the quirky ride come with an energy-efficient package that should make the electric vehicle more popular among the trendsetters and people who want a two wheeler that’s between hardcore motorbikes and bicycles.

With its appealing and compact built, the dependable and sturdy city bike retains much of the silhouettes of the original bike that it is derived from though its seating position has been changed to suit a more modern biker. As an everyday city bike, the bike prizes comfort and environment friendliness above all else.

The designers have not specified what kind of an electric power train the bike will use for propulsion though the large engine casing allows plenty of room for a sizable battery to be fitted on-board the electric vehicle.



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