More LED lighting packages to celebrate the season

LED-lighting-packagesThis year, more than ever, businesses and people are using light emitting diode (LED) for holiday lights to celebrate the season.

The trend has been growing for years, LED technology has a continue improvement and their costs come down.

Is well known LED lighting packages offer significant environmental advantages compared to traditional incandescent bulb lights. They run much cooler, they reduce the fire risk, they use less energy and you know better, save your money.Next inevitable issue is what we do with the old light packages and how we recycle them.

Somebody in Minnesota has anticipated this issue. A Recycling Association of Minnesota (RAM) host a state wide project called “recycle your holidays”. It allowsMinnesotaresidents to drop off their unwanted holiday old light packages in more than 400 different locations. Interested business can also sign up to become a collection site under this project and receive a free bin and free pickup whenever the bin is full.

This program runs for the third year goal to recycle200,000 poundsof lights and to sign up at least more 400 more business to become collection sites. This statewide light recycling is the only one program in the country until somebody will act this way.

We should say that are few retailers that offer recycling programs, some of them only as discounts on selling LED lighting packages.

Anyway the trend is good and if you think green, you should have to worry to buy a LED lighting packages for the Holy Christmas.



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