Mulo an Italian Solar Energy Quadricycle

mulo-system_solar-electric-vehicle  Mulo System is a family of solar energy quadricycles designed for urban use. Its concept is very light, low cost, zero-emission and high durability and come out after the collaboration between Milan Polytechnic School of Design and Ipsia “A. Ferrari” (The State Professional Institute for Industry and Crafts).

The quadricycles series is powered by solar energy captured by solar panels installed on its roof and include three different models: for transporting goods, for green area maintenance, and one for street vending.

Mulo-solar- electric- vehicleThe Mulo means in Italian mule and all the system weighs about 300 pounds. Three aforementioned models can carry up to three people or 300 kg load with a maximum speed of 40 km/h and 60km range with fully charged lithium-ion battery. The vehicle has pedals, in case batteries run out and when the occupant pedals the vehicle, it charges the batteries and gives motion to the motor which acts as a brake to the inverter converting potential energy into electricity.

Milan’s Polytechnic School of Design and Ipsia “A. Ferrari” are implementing this vehicle as part of a green mobility system for individuals with disabilities in Cape Town. The vehicle doesn’t require registration and anyone can use it freely.

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