New Lithium-Ion Batteries in Water-Based Manufacturing Process

water-based-lithium-ion-batteryInternational Battery, a developer of large format lithium-ion rechargeable cells, batteries and energy storage systems, plans to expand water-based manufacturing process for additional lithium-ion batteries.

The company is the first in North America to produce commercial lithium-ion batteries using a water-based manufacturing process.

To fulfill its future objectives they announced that will collaborate with Hydro-Québec a world leader in advanced lithium and lithium-ion batteries. Having a strong intellectual property position for aqueous electrode technology Hydro-Québec started working on water-based manufacturing process for lithium-ion batteries from 1996.

Since 2008, International Battery has extended the manufacturing properties of the water-based process in its plant in Allentown and has produced large-format prismatic lithium-ion battery cells for a large variety of applications.

Each company believes there are significant environmental advantages to a water-based process in the manufacture of lithium-ion cells as well as a reduction in manufacturing costs.

“Working together with Hydro-Québec will help accelerate our development,” says International Battery’s President and CEO, Dr. Ake Almgren. “With our focus on applications for renewable energy integration and smart grid, we are excited about the opportunity to work with such a world-class electric utility.”



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