New Solar Tracking System for Solar Panels Invented by a Princeton Canadian Student

solar-tracking-systemEden Full is the 19 year old student at Princeton, Calgary who invented a new type of solar tracking system for photovoltaic panels.

Her invention called SunSaluter like other solar tracking system can help to improve the output energy for photovoltaic panels by up to 40 per cent. To keep the photovoltaic panels directly facing the sun, on its movement on the sky, she uses bimetallic strips instead of a sensor and an electric motor. This invention is cheaper than other usual solar tracking system and more accessible to developing countries where solar energy could be a solution to have electricity.

Eden Full had the chance to turn a classroom invention into a clean technology business. She patented its solar tracking system and now is focused to develop it as a commercial product.

Being the second year at Princeton University she was selected as one of “20 under 20” for a $100,000 fellowship from the Thiel Foundation, created by Pay Pal co-founder and early Facebook investor Peter Thiel.

Now she will move to Silicon Valley, where she will get the necessary support to build her invention into a success business.



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