New solid-state battery to give highest range for Toyota’s electric vehicles

Toyota-Solid-State-Battery-Electric-VehiclesEach brand or group of world automakers has a different approach in their movement to embrace the idea of electric vehicles.

For example, while Toyota is working to develop a solid-state battery with 600+ miles of range, Nissan accept that 95% of Americans need only 100 miles of range in a day.

Batteries are the most expensive part of an electric car because give the maximum range of autonomy. Many American consumers claim they want more range because when you want to travel a significant distance you are limited by the electric vehicles range. Probably they not need it but they want it available should they need it someday.

Toyota is preparing for its electric vehicles a solid-state battery with 600 miles or more on a single charge. The battery could be ready for production between 2015 and 2020 with no mention for time of charging or for the costs. The solid-state battery has numerous advantages over its liquid electrolyte counterpart, including simpler fabrication, stability, safety and excellent conductivity. The hard part is turning this theory into reality.

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