Nissan Leaf to Home the Electric Car Charging Station As Energy Storage

Nissan-Leaf-to-Home-Energy-StorageAfter the Fukushima’s disaster Nissan developed the electric car home charging station able to power homes in case of blackout.

This new two-way electric car charging station system called Leaf to Home was recommended to be used in case of electric power off.

That moments the country affected by the Fukushima fallout had to go throughout many occasional power shortages. Nissan came with this brilliant two-way charging plan to help house holders by charging the car overnight with cheaper rates of electricity and during the day helps to feed the electricity back to the house from the lithium-ion cars battery with a range of two days.

This energy storage system could be supplied through sustainable methods such as solar power, and using it during high demand periods. Unfortunately Leaf to Home will be going on sale only in April next year and later to other countries.

Of course it takes a while to perfect an idea but people needed such of this energy storage systems immediate to improve their quality of life.



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