Nissan unveiled three of its electric car concepts at Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan-Electric-Car-ConceptsTokyo Motor Show hosts the Nissan’s presence with its three electric car concepts: the Townpod, the Esflow and the Pivo3.

The Townpod Electric Vehicle Concept already unveiled by Nissan at last year’s Paris Motor Show offer tons of functionality but nothing more special in addition, the same room for five passengers and lots of cargo.

The Esflow is a stunning piece of automotive art with a twin-motor setup and a high performance electric car part. The only reason for producing this electric car is only to increase the number of volume product.

The last on the list or the first who will see the production seems to be the Pivo electric car concept. Better suited to its role as a technology development platform for an urban commuter, this electric car has a good  22nd century appearance.

What will be the future decision of Nissan will see after. Anyway you coul add your comment.



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