Oasis like power plants designed to gather solar and wind power

Oasis-power-plants-gather-solar-wind-powerSolar Wind Desert Power Plant is a new design proposal of the artist and inventor Michael Jantzen.

He imagine a large public gathering place inspired by the shape of a flowering plant.  In its vision this Solar Wind Power Plant should be located in a hot and dry climate to use efficient solar power and wind power but you can call it a modern oasis.

 As was described by Jennifer Hattam in a TreeHugger article: „solar power is gathered from flexible solar cells mounted onto the 24 curved leaves of the symbolic plant. Wind power  is also gathered from a large vertical axis wind turbine especially designed to simbolically refer to the flower of the plant. The large circular bench for visitors built in around the symbolic stem… are shaded during the day giving some release to the visitors from the hot desert sun.”

 Michael Jantzen has been experimenting with eco friendly architectural concepts for decades and pays much attention to thinking about how solar power or wind power can be integrated into buildings and public art.

 He says: “I do not consider myself an architect, but rather an artist and inventor who often uses architecture as an art form,” Jantzen writes on his website. “I hope that all of my work will become a catalyst for new thinking in the minds of all those who encounter it.”


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