OnCycle an electric bike as an urban transport alternative

OnCycle-electric-bike-urban-transport-alternativeUrban transport alternative sources are rising up one by one but are a little bit difficult to `make the difference between them.

A team of five charismatic product designers to work on a definitively design electric bike, named the OnCycle.

The designers have developed the electric bike for the American market under the mentorship of Bill Ropp, Fuji & Sram. They want to make this electric bike respected and desirable as urban transport alternative option.

The OnCycle is designed to convey the intrinsic advantages of an electric bike. It has integrated lights, battery level display and an illuminated electric motor located behind the pedal cranks. The frame hides its mechanical complexity and integrates many components such as D-lock, rack, pannier and lights.

Due to the increasing fuel costs and growing awareness about green living, people are largely switching over to more sustainable options. Indeed, OnCycle project is an effort to make electronic bikes more stylish and comfortable for daily use.



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