ORO a human powered vehicle the best for urban mobility

ORO_human_powered-vehicle-urban-mobilityYou Yin Ting, a well known industrial designer from Hong Kong delighted us with a rocking chair concept used for urban mobility, called oRo.

This small human powered vehicle offers a zero emission, eco friendly, cost effective and practical solution to the urban mobility.

The human powered vehicle runs on two wheels which can be retracted when parked to save space due to a customizable seating which can be adjusted by leaning back.

oRo is designed for one user, has two front lights a small back light that allows to be seen by other motorists on the road during the night.

It has a comfortable interior, a digital speedometer, pedals and steering rack. Interior space of this human powered vehicle allows you to remain in a way lightweight and give you the chance to have a great workout on different daily routes.



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