Peugeot XB1 Eco Friendly Concept Electric Vehicle

Peugeot XB1-electric vehicleIf you wish not to go your office in your SUV or in a sedan for that matter, Peugeot XB1 may come as an eco friendly alternative for you in the coming years.

Peugeot XB1 is a small concept electric vehicle for short travels and trips with duel benefits: it can easily commute you through heavy traffic and is eco friendly at the same time. Apart from this, XB1 concept electric vehicle is not only small, quick and comfortable enough to help you reach your destination but is also aimed at solving the parking woes.

 This electric vehicle is capable to reach a speed of 35 km/h on roads and 15km/h max at sidewalk. On the other, Peugeot XB1 has an interface and smart phone application to let the occupant check the level of battery, to choose by GPS the best way on the map as well as the distance he can drive. All these features together make Peugeot XB1 an ideal eco friendly personal commuter in 2025 wherein environmental and oil concerns may reign too high.



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