Phantom EX 102-The Most Luxurious Green Electric Limousine in 2011

Green-Electric-limousine-Rolls Royce Phantom-EX102Rolls Royce heralded the most luxurious and pricey Green Electric Limousine at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show 2011, for the billionaires going for green.

This green electric limousine, named Phantom EX 102, is a perfect delight for the luxury car lovers, though exorbitantly priced at about one million pounds.

Powered by a battery pack, this green Rolls Royce Phantom model involves least running cost of about 2p per mile with zero emission compared to the running cost of 40p per mile of the standard Phantom limousine. This green electric limousine will be the ideal choice for the rich owners who spare a thought for a cleaner and greener environment and for zero emission too.

Equipped with the world’s most powerful battery pack this fully electric limousine enabling an exceptional acceleration from zero to 60 mph in eight seconds with the maximum accelerating limit of 100mph. On the contrary, the low priced standard Phantom model exhibits higher fuel consumption, achieving a super accelerating speed of 60mph in 6 seconds with the maximum speed limit of 155mph. The higher accelerating capacity of the standard Phantom limousine is bound to be nullified by the green Phantom EX 102 model, involving lower running cost and zero emission.

As a prodigious green electric limousine this Rolls Royce model allows a nonstop high speed drive of 125 miles with fully charged battery pack and zero emission. The battery pack is positioned just under the auto bonnet and has an appreciable long life span of three years provided they are charged regularly for use. The time required for charging the battery pack is 20 hours if charged through the conventional power mains, and 8 hours if charged through a high powered industrial booster.

The rich clients of this luxury green electric limousine need not bother much in charging the auto for 8-20 hours. Another alternate way of wireless charging can also be carried out by running the auto over specially designed electrical pads already installed in the garage.

Rolls Royce takes pride in designing a full green electric limousine for the luxurious class providing the best luxurious arrangements in an environmental friendly manner. Finally, the prototype of this luxury green electric limousine has set out for a world tour to bag hefty orders before going to the production floor.



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