Photovoltaic Panels on Parking Rooftops added by Vanguard for More Green Energy

Photovoltaic-panels-rooftops-for-more-green-energyNot enough people in the world are turning to solar powered rooftops and at photovoltaic panels covered parking structures which will add a lot of green energy to cut down the dependence on grid power.

Vanguard from Solaire Generation added the photovoltaic panels to its concept of solar powered rooftops and parking lots and revamps the design to work perfectly in all conditions.

The inclined V-shaped design of Vanguard allows it to stand with stability even on the odd windy day and does not get affected by heavy snowfall during the winter. The shape of vanguard allows it to collect snow and channel it towards the shallow center, which is then disposed off with ease.

With the angular placement of the photovoltaic panels on the top, the sunrays hit some portion of the photovoltaic panels on the roof vertically at most times in a day and that helps increase the efficiency of the solar panels and produce more green energy. This also allows vanguard to provide optimum shade to vehicles and people underneath at all times.

Every commercially would be inserted on array of photovoltaic panels into the basic frame of Vanguard. It allows you to give any charging station the added green energy that users can plug into when their gadgets run out of juice. Just imagine electric car charging stations with solar powered rooftops like Vanguard and we will be so much closer to emission free roads.



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