Plumbing water energy to light the house

Plumbing-water-energy-light-houseThe idea of light the house due to water energy flowing through house plumbing is very ingenious, praiseworthy and seems to work very well.

The power generated by this system is clean and green, remains to analyze the yield of system.

According to the designers of Hierve this concept of getting water energy use the same techniques as conventional hydroelectric generator but at a smaller scale. The box containing a micro turbine is installed in the pre-existing plumbing after it enters the house and before any other outflows. When someone uses the water in the house, the flow of the water through the plumbing turns the turbine and (the motion) the water energy is converted into electrical current.

The electrical current stored in additional battery is used to light the bulbs in the evening.

The idea of using water energy by was described by the Hierve as: “We understand our buildings as living entities with energy fields that run through his veins, as water pipes, drainage and electricity running through walls and ceilings. This project takes advantage of these energy fields, which are usually forgotten, and uses them to produce new energy, which in some way to improve the quality of life for its inhabitants.”



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