PowerMod: the solar power converter into energy sources

PowerMod-solar-power-converter-energy-sourcesAny time after a disaster, besides others issues, people have to face with the lack of energy sources or facilities.

Rescue efforts would be a lot easier and more successful if portable energy sources as solar power or wind power would be handy. The classical energy sources in a dramatically scenario involve noises, poisonous emissions, cost of storing and manipulating fuel.

The idea of using renewable energy sources in such conditions could be viable options for rescue work and to satisfy the energy needs. Unconventional power sources are available at a minimum cost and certainly very safely. Both wind power and solar power will become more portable energy sources used in the future.

One of the solutions which use solar power is PowerMod. It is a portable solar tent, ready to help in relief work the victims of disasters. PowerMod is a simply kind of shelter with a 20 x 20 foot roof of flexible solar panel made by Ascent Solar’s thin film solar cells. Being assembled in only 15 minutes by two persons it has a weight of 165 pounds totally and gives a power output of 4.5 KWh/day.

It provides enough energy from solar power to charge batteries, cell phones, laptops or to run lights, fans, AC equipment. Multiple PowerMod’s can be combined to provide larger amounts of power but this is the beauty of using such a device.



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