Projection System as a touch screen developed by Microsoft Research

OmniTouch-Microsoft+Research-Touch+ScreenDue to Microsoft Research and Carnegie Mellon University which have created a wearable projection system that turns portion of walls, paper or even the hand of users into graphical interactive surface something will happen differently.

The projection system called Omni Touch doesn’t require special sensors on the skin. It uses a depth sensing camera like the Microsoft Kinect to track the movement of user’s finger and to control the application by tapping or dragging like using a touch screen.

As described in an article on, the projector can superimpose keyboards onto any surface with no need for calibration the users will only wear the device use it. “It’s conceivable that anything you can do on today’s mobile devices, you will be able to do on your hand using OmniTouch,” says Chris Harrison of Carnegie Mellon’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute.

It is very cool to use your own palm of the hand as a phone keypad, or as a tablet for jotting down notes. Maps projected onto a wall could be panned and zoomed with the same finger motions as a conventional multi touch screen.

The device developed by Microsoft Research and team includes a short-range depth camera and laser pico-projector and is currently mounted on a user’s shoulder to use it as touch screen. The team says it ultimately could be the size of a deck of cards, or even integrated into other hand held devices.



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