Quant-e sport-limousine an electric vehicle powered by saltwater

Ouant-e Sport Limousine runs on saltwater

Ouant-e Sport Limousine a very fast electric vehicle

Being in prototype phase, but homologated for public circulation by TÜV Süd in Germany, Quant-e sport limousine is powered by only saltwater.

Even it went long time from its first appearance at the Geneva International Auto Show from 2014,  Quant-e sport limousine remains as fascinating, provocative and electrical as today for its concept and design.

Sports cars generally do not have a good reputation regarding to pollution but Quant-e sport limousine is completely electric and clean.  The technology on which it works this prototype is called nanoFlowcell utilizes as fuel sea and has zero carbon emissions.

The operating principle is similar to that of a hydrogen fuel cell but the energy is stored in the salt water from those two tanks of 200 liters. In fact the liquid passes through a membrane located between the two tanks, creating an electrical charge current which is stored and distributed to the engines through some super capacitors. The technology used provides a duration energy capacity five times greater than the lithium-ion battery of the same weight.

Fascinating for me is the fact that despite those 2.3 tons the Quant-e sport limousine run on saltwater, using its four AC synchronous motors with 2900 Nm torque and reaches 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds, faster than a McLaren P1 which run on gasoline. The highest speed of this car is about 380 km/h with a range of 600 km.

The exterior design is very flexible and robust, and the color chosen is that of a crystal blue lake, with two doors that opens like “gull wings”. External dimensions are the following: length 5.25 m, 2,019 m wide and 1.35 m high with wheels on 22-inches. The interior features four seats, a highly interactive board, with wooden features and entertainment system based on Android.

Quant-e sport limousine with wooden features and entertainment system based on Android

Quant-e sport limousine has a cute interior design

Quant-e sport limousine prototype produced by NanoFlowcell AG, headquartered in Lichtenstein, succeeded the approval for circulation by TÜV Süd in Germany and prepares for series production. None so far an official price of this product, but experts in the field estimate that it could cost more than $ 1.7 million.

The price it would not be a problem when you want so strong a Quant-e sport limousine, but you can be worried about the autonomy of movement in your area where you want to travel thinking of there is not yet a developed infrastructure with proper  fuel stations.

The good news is that up to series production the refueling problem will be solved. It could be modernized the existing fuel stations, or perform some new freestanding in convenient locations, but the most would be at home. Saltwater should not be a problem. This is very possible that the supply of ionic liquid (one positive and one negative charged) using current technology is very cheap. More than that, ionic liquid is non toxic, non flammable and has an infinite shelf life.

Therefore, the NanoFlowcell company chairman, Professor Jens-Peter Ellermann says there are major plans not only for the automotive industry but also for the supply of the domestic market, as in the maritime technology, rail or aviation.

Quant-e sport limousine, the dream that will become reality,challenges us to gather money to buy this sport limo in the future, or to live with the hope that technological developments will allow us the possibility in the next future.

Quant-e official


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