Samsung NC 215S a Good Netbook To Run On Solar Power

samsung-nc215s-solar-powered-netbookSamsung NC 215S is a netbook which run on the solar power.

On sunny summer days, theoretically, the sunlight is not the best friend when use a computer, now with Samsung NC215S the things are different. To stay under the sunlight and to harness the solar power is an advantage if you want to use it longer. The Samsung netbook has a lid entirely covered by a solar panel which harnesses solar power and contributes to an overall estimated battery life of 14.5 hours.

Samsung NC215S was firstly introduced on the African market and early August this year will hit Russia with a price of about 13,999 rubles ($479). This version has a 1.6 GHz N570 Intel Atom dual-core processor with 250 Gb of storage and 1 Gb of RAM into a 2.9 pound frame.

With such characteristic and autonomy you will chose to stay more outside and run on solar power.



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