Scotland keeps the target on renewable energy

Energy-Scotland-renewable-energyScotland is 35% power by renewable energy.  Seems to be impressive but the goal is to get 100% of its power using renewable energy by 2020 appeared in an article on Treehugger.

“The Department of Energy and Climate Change statistics said the amount generated in Scotland rose by 45% last year to 13,750 Gigawatt hours (GWh). The Scottish government’s target for 2011 was to meet 31% of the country’s energy needs renewables. If consumption remains at the 2010 level, they will have accounted for 35% of electricity needs.”

Government ministers insist all is going to plan, Scotland first minister said that: “Scotland’s push to become a leader in marine renewables is not just laudable, but could prove visionary indeed. The effort could prove a major boon to Scotland’s economy, where wind could become a $30 billion dollar industry, according to forecast from Scottish Enterprises.”

Continuing improvements in engineering and economics in Scotland are enabling more of the renewable energy resources to be utilised.


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