Solar cells made by Kyosemi Spheral can harness solar energy all day long

Solar-cells-Kyosemi-Spheral-solar-energyAs in a Threehugger’s article the Kyosemi Spheral modules can harness solar energy all day long with its solar cells 360 degrees.

Te latest innovation in solar technology comes as a micro spheres that generate electricity even the solar cells aren’t in the direct line of sun.

 Kyosemi Spheral consists of many tiny solar cells that are able to capture the sun’s light from the sun rise to sunset without other motors to spin the surface to the sun.

These micro spheres are prepared to rich an efficiency of 20% out spacing most flat panel designs and can be mounted on curved surfaces which greatly increase the number of ways these cells can be deployed.

 Spheral solar cells are manufactured using broken pieces of silicon melted down and formed into drops of a uniform size in a unique way completely different from the usual standards.



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