Solar Energy Charging Stations As a Green Energy Supplier

solar-energy-charging-stationsOne of the biggest advantages of solar energy is that it is available everywhere on a pretty consistent basis.

Unless you are stuck in the traffic or on a pretty bad English summer day, you can use solar energy to charge up your gadgets with green energy. Its abundance and sort of ‘omnipresence’ makes it an invaluable solar energy source. Sol Design Lab is trying to spread this message in order to emphasize the importance of green energy concept.

Solar Pump is a concept developed by Sol Design Lab, which ensures that your favorite electronic toys never run out of charge next time you are on the move. Imagine you hit a solar energy charging station and plugged in your iPhone or iPad for a quick juice-up before getting back on the road again! That is exactly what the new Solar Pump charging stations accomplish the implementing of green energy concept.

A photovoltaic panel set up on the top doubles up as shade while generating enough solar energy to power up your gadgets with green energy. You can sit down on recycled furniture and relax in the shade while your gadgets get a dose of much needed charge. You can then plug it out and get back to what you are doing before.

It is a simple concept that has been executed efficiently and with an ability to charge electric bicycles, mobiles, laptops and providing LED lighting, this is all about maximizing the use of eco friendly sources.



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