Solar LED lamps to light up schools in Kenya

Solar-LED-lamps-KenyaWe have entered 2012 and approximately 1.5 billion people around the world remain without access to source of light.

Some of the world’s poorest regions people use kerosene lanterns during the night time to have a minimum source of light. The associates’ risks of fire, smoke, asphyxiation are standing together and this is realty of nowadays. Cheap and accessible solar lighting sources as alternative of kerosene lamps remains solar LED lamps.

The new concept of so called Wakawaka solar LED lamps, light weight that can fit onto a soda bottle and works as a portable LED lamps that hopes to hit the market with low cost of US$ 10 price is to replace the equivalent of 2-3 months of toxic kerosene. Unlike the competitors, Wakawaka promise to provide 16 hours of light from one day of solar charge. Solar Pebble lamp comes with 12 hours of light.

Using it outside of poor rural environments the Wakawaka is convenient as camping torch, besides reading light or mobile phone charger, compatible with more than 80 percent of commonly used cell phones battery brands excluding iPhone.

Wakawaka is equipped with a replaceable battery, when not used for a couple of months the user can simply charge it in the sun for a couple of hours and it’s good to go. The solar LED lamp creators will donate three solar LED lamps to the students and teacher at the Mwamtsefu School in Kenya.

The Off-Grid Solutions, headed by Camille van Gestel, is a company that creates feasible and affordable solutions for poor families who don’t have access to electricity. The campaign finishes on January 7 and if you are interested to support this project follows the link WakaWaka.



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