Solar powered airplane will fly across US this year

Solar-impulse-solar-powered-airplaneDuring the time we wrote about solar powered planes as electric vehicles. We did it especially talking about the Electra One the German project which has developed a full electric powered airplane with an amazing range of 300 miles which is using solar energy.

 The Switzerland Solar Impulse team which already completed an intercontinental flight from Spain to Marocco earlier last year now is setting to fly to America. The innovative aero-engineers aim to prove the viability of this concept and they intend to show us by flying across the U.S. using as fuel only the solar energy.

 They use a lightweight solar powered airplane with a 70 meter wingspan and an electric motor which develop 10 horsepower giving a cruising speed of 60 to 70 mph (97 to 113 kmph).

 The most important thing is in this project the Solar Impulse airplane is powered by solar energy.


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