Solar Powered Mobile Phone – a Kenyan solution for poor people

kenyan-solar-powered-mobile-phoneKenyans from rural areas with no access to electricity have got a super communication solution offer.

Kenya’s Mobitelea Ventures and Telecommunications Company Safaricom bring a solar powered mobile phone which avoids to be plugged into the main sources of electricity.

Kenyahas a high solar potential with many areas of more than six direct sunny hours in a day. Solar technology remains too expensive for most Kenyans. Only five percent of people living in rural areas have access to electricity and in urban areas forty nine percent don’t have electricity. To stay connected to main electrical grid system can cost $600 per year.

The solar powered mobile phone is a “brilliant innovation” said a director of the climate change office in Kenya’s Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources, more because the solar phone is made of recycled electronics, it has its own solar charger and it costs only $18.

Today there are over 17.5 million mobile phones in this country and only 1.3 million are connected to the national electrical grid. For us it’s important to remain socially connected and having a phone and internet access but probably seems to be only a question of fashion.



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