Solar Vehicle for Green Rides in the Desert

spv-solar-powered-vehicle-solar-energyWe brought in the highlights a new solar vehicle concept car. This Solar Powered Vehicle (SPV) was designed by Omer Sagiv as a perfect one model for rides in desert or other open lands.

SPV is a typically solar vehicle with a structure made from aluminium with plenty of thin film modules mounted on it to capture the solar energy.

This solar vehicle features as a shaft in the middle and acts like an integrated cooling system. The entire design of solar vehicle helps to move it faster in open wind.

Having the main option to be charged from home power outlets this solar vehicle uses the solar energy capacities to get extra energy. It enjoys an attractive look and thanks to its aluminium body is very glossier. The solar vehicle has only a test version and its construction may not be much expensive.

Green vehicles are gaining good reputation among customers since the world energy crisis. They want to save money and the solar energy is the key of having free power in their electric vehicles. The Solar Power Vehicle could be an alternative.



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