Solar Wind an Innovative Italian Bridge Concept

Solar Wind an Innovative Italian Bridge ConceptSolar Wind is truly and innovative and astonishing design conceived by Italian designers Francesco Colarossi, Giovanna Saracino and Luisa Saracino.

What truly makes this concept creation so special is that it has a huge potential in becoming a reality, unlike many others that are destined to dwell in the Photoshop studios forever. The design is not as radical as one would think, and come to think of it, you wonder why it has been not tried yet.

The proposed bridge design consists of huge turbines that fill out the spaces between the pillars of a bridge across the valley and with vast open spaces, high altitude and a terrain that is perfect for constant and consistent wind speed, they should get plenty energy on a regular basis. The “Solar Wind” design also taps into solar energy with the entire road surface being covered with dense grid of solar cells coated with a transparent ad highly resistant form of plastic.

Solar Wind an Innovative Italian Bridge ConceptThis system of road building is already successfully underway in some parts of the world and since the bridge will constantly see traffic, there is also a proposed Solar Park that runs the length of the bridge and offers you great vantage points to enjoy the panorama. You can stop, take a few snapshots, take in the breathtaking sights and even buy something produced by the greenhouses that are always on.

Solar Wind can apparently produce 40 million kWh per year. The design amalgamates aesthetics with engineering, purpose with poise and green technology with great innovativeness. That is exactly the reason why we feel Solar Wind needs to jump out of the screens and become a reality. Hopefully that will happen not too far from now.



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    sorry, but, this “original” idea is pretty close to MY idea of Wind Energy Skyscrapers power plants
    MY idea was proposed and published in/from May 12, 2007 on my website and on several forums and blogs

  2. For all the further problems I used to mentioned the source who inspired me. In this case I do it too. I hope is all right with you. Adrian

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