Solid Gray could protect your eco gadgets

solid-gray-backpack-eco-gadgetsEco gadgets are again under the spot. Somebody had the idea that precious and fragile electronics, eco gadgets require appropriate protection when used on the go.

If you need greater protection than typical case provides you should use The Solid Gray bag pack. It has a rigid body, lightweight the same time and made from a single sheet of copolymer.

Having a very distinctive aspect, the Solid Gray is futuristic and equipped with a durable EPDM foam lining and it has a main compartment that can fit tablets or laptops up to15.6 inchscreen size to a fixed position with additional straps. There are also another two separate smaller compartments suitable for carrying smaller items such smart phones, media players, other accessories or eco gadgets. Solid Gray manufactured in the Netherlands have also features a foam-padded multi clip located inside to keep important documents safe, while its polypropylene latches keep the backpack locked.

Solid Gray backpack is up for sale on eBay for a price of 119 euro (around US$161.69). The currently version offered is white with black nylon shoulder straps, although Solid Gray’s website also shows models featuring white straps and a gray body. A fluorescent yellow raincover is also available for another EUR10 (US$13.59).



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