St. Andrew Waterloo’s Church goes on green energy

st-andrews-waterloo-church-solar-panels-green-energyAs many other old buildings St. Andrew Waterloo Church has started to generate its own green energy due to many rooftop solar panels.

Built to celebrate Britain’s victory in the Battle of Waterloo the church becomes the first in Diocese of Worcester which installed solar panels to produce green energy.

The 40 PV solar panels already produced 1,000kW after almost first month and a quarter of its operation. Expecting to save tones of carbon dioxide a year, the investment is expected to pay itself in ten years and continue to receive the feed in tariff payments for next fifteen years.

Vicar rev. Stephen Carter says that: “Working on these ancient buildings carries a great responsibility, and we embrace that. It is rewarding to work on such fine buildings – doing our bit to make sure they are sustainable in the future.”

He added “Now we have them installed we are delighted with the result. St Andrew’s Waterloo Church already had a rich history, and it’s nice to think we’ve added our own chapter to it.”


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