Sunbox a new solar charging device for eco gadgets

sunbox_solar_charging_device_eco_gadgetsEco gadgets need power supply in a greener way.

Lack of access to an electrical infrastructure because living in developing countries or living in wilderness for a while should not be a problem to use eco gadgets. Solar charging devices have been designed to meet those needs.

One of the latest solar charging devices is Horizon Fuel Cell Technologie’s Sunbox USB 3 a very versatile one. Sunbox gathers solar energy through a 1.8 watt waterproof photovoltaic panel. When the sun is shining the panel starts charging the power system module which incorporate a 6 volt and 3A/hour battery, 2 USB ports and an LCD screen to display the battery’s level of charge. A full charge of battery requires 6 to 10 hours of sunlight.

 For ambient night time lighting there is a 25 LED, 2 watt lamp which can be plugged into a top USB port of the solar charging device. The Sunbox solar charging devices can additionally be used to charge cell phones. This can be possible with help of one of seven adapter tips, also included. If you need to power a device that doesn’t have a built in battery pack, there is a charging cradle that includes 2 rechargeable AA batteries.

The Sunbox USB 3.0 package is available for US$199.99 from website.



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