Suzuki debuts with its electric van in Japan

Suzuki-Every-electric-vanSuzuki launched its new electric vehicle called Every.

In fact it is an electric vehicle version of Suzuki’s existing Carry Van and was designed to give competition to Mitsubishi’s Minicab i-MiEV. Usually these kinds of vans were used for business and agricultural purposes in Asians countries because they are very popular and maneuverable. Before launching it on a fully scale, Suzuki wants to test the market and produced only 13 trial versions only for Japan’s dealership.

Suzuki will open their Next Generation Environmental Vehicle technology development center in August 2016 and they gather information through this trial version electric vehicle model. They will start mass production of this electric vehicle a lot before in order to be competitive with they rivals like Mitsubishi and Nissan.

This version has a high-capacity compact lithium-ion battery which gives it a range of 100 kilometers on a full charge. The battery charging takes about five hours using a 200 V outlet. The inner space gives a capacity of 250 kg and the overall weight of the van has been increased by 200kg over the IC engine model.

The i-MiEV minicab already went on sale earlier this year and Nissan will start testing the electric vehicle version of their NV200 by the end of July, so it sure is going to be a tight race for these Japanese juggernauts.

Trucks are responsible for 50 percent of the soot and a quarter of the smog causing pollution on American highways. Delivery vehicles like trucks and vans are actually responsible for 6 percent of the U.S’s total global warming pollution.

Anyway intention to clean the environment is good for the world and very relevant for the international market.



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  1. manufacture of vehicles today have a lot of emphasis on fuel efficiency so it can be environmentally friendly vehicles, Suzuki is no exception. green vehicle to save the world.

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