T3-MT the electric vehicle designed for cinematographers

T3-MT-Electric-vehicle-cinematographersFilm makers who are looking for smooth tracking shots will have an electric stand-up vehicle as alternative.

T3 Motion the electric standup vehicle maker is launching a new version of its Electric vehicle designed for cinematographers.

T3 was intended for use by police forces and security personnel in city actions and last year was launched T3 Power Sport as another electric vehicle equipped with launchers of any type.

Latest model announced is T3-MT, featured with sideways-facing seat and footrests for camera operator have also two mounting posts for Steadicam or Glidecam systems.  This electric vehicle has a top speed 12 mph (19 km per hour), a range of 40 miles (64 km) per a charge and the possibility to travel in reverse.  T3-MT has also incorporate two 12V DC batteries to power the equipment, lights, monitors and camera.

Difficult operations need additional working space and T3-MT has a trailer called T3-41 which can be pulled and has two mounting posts along with a backrest- and seatbelt-equipped camera operator’s chair, which can be rotated 360 degrees.



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