TATA’s Cheap Electric Vehicle Unveiled at Detroit Show

Tata-Electric-Vehicle-eMOTata automaker unveiled its electric vehicle prototype at the North American International Show which runs through January 22, 2012 in Detroit.

As part of the Michelin Challenge Design display, Tata was selected to show its eMO, which stands for electric MObility engineering study.

The affordable electric vehicle is a four-passenger, urban-oriented car with an estimated price tag of $20,000.  With 300 engineers from four auto engineering centers and 15 new patents, the aerodynamic car with a futuristic design can travel at top speeds of 65 MPH with a range of up to 100 miles per charge.

Designed to pass all US federal safety requirements, the stylish electric vehicle sports suicide doors, dual motor, steel frame and spacious interiors.  The back seats can be folded down for more cargo space. Molded polymer panels allowed the traditional body shop and paint processes to be eliminated.

Other features include a glass roof, nine air bags, dashboard touchscreen and eco-friendly materials.

While the electric vehicle was developed “strictly as an engineering study with no particular automaker in mind,” vehicle manufacturers interested in exploring the potential of the eMO would be welcomed, according to Kevin Fisher, President of Tata’s Vehicle Programs and Development Group.



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