Team EcoCar first hydrogen powered car built at the University of Alberta

Team-EcoCar-hydrogen-powered-car-University-AlbertaA team of students from University of Alberta built a hydrogen powered car called Team EcoCar.

As is described in an article of Automotto, many students initiative have been produced eco friendly cars that run on green technologies. They raise the hope that next generations will find the key of future friendly means of transportation.

 The Team EcoCar runs on hydrogen and oxygen and is ready to compete on Huston race track. To construct the car body the student team used carbon fiber. The car weights only 137 kg, and it took a year and a half to be built by a team of only students, not by professional auto makers and it costs $80,000.

Powered by hydrogen the Team EcoCar can run at an average of just 50kmph with the biggest advantage of being zero emission and to eliminate only a vapour as by-product during movement.

Being well tested, the Team EcoCar will run in the race called Shell Eco which started since 1939.  The University of Alberta team will compete for the first time this year in the race. This first participation gives a great honour and joy to the students.


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