Tesis: hybrid vehicle for fun and racing

tesis-hybrid-vehicle-for-funA new kind of hybrid vehicle, only for one person and only for recreation was recently designed and developed by Facundo Elias.

Called Tesis, the hybrid vehicle is enabled with advanced technology.

Tesis can run continuously for more than four hours and uses two motors. It has one with combustion and one electrical both of them working in tandem. Besides its very low consumption the hybrid vehicle has many amazing features.

It has a chasse made by alloy steel, steering wheel with a button to cut engine power, the fairings designed as a shield to assure the driver safe from temperature materials, fluids and chafing. The chair of Tesis hybrid vehicle is made from glass fiber and it has a unique pedal for an easy use of adults and children.

You could say that is only a concept but you have to see it running on the racing tracks.



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