Tesla Motors Model X an Electric SUV Revealed in San Francisco

Tesla-Motors-Model-X-Electric-SUVEnvironmentally friendly transportation should be the most common options for reducing carbon footprint. Electric vehicles are the best to hit the road nowadays and car automakers are set up to give greener and more efficient options to us. Tesla Motors revealed these days in San Francisco the much awaited electric SUV model X as a third in its line.

Tesla Motors CEO, Musk said during the press event that the new electric SUV will use the same electric power train as the model S. The power train has been built around a flat battery to provide al low center of gravity giving it the possibility to perform in severe weather conditions.

 This new electric SUV has been added with falcon wing doors and can accommodate seven people with an ample space left for storage. The model X of this electric SUV will be faster than Porsche 911, goes from 0 to60 mphin just 4.4 seconds.

Tesla Motors will produce 10,000 and 15,000 units of the Model X by 2014, and according to the company, it will be priced between $60,000 and $80,000. The production of this electric SUV, the Model X will start in late 2013 and it is expected to hit the roads in 2014.



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